Promoted by Chris McEleny on behalf of
South Ayrshire Local Area Campaigning Unit, both of the
Alba Party, 17 Forth Street, Pollockshields, Glasgow, G41 2SP.

Vote Alba Number 1 on May the 5th – For Independence

There is no reason in energy-rich Scotland for
anyone to be fuel-poor

Download the Alba Manifesto

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Candidate Contacts

Please use these to raise important issues for you and your community
or to pledge your support for Alba.

East Ayrshire

Kilmarnock South Ward

Stewart McLintock

North Ayrshire

North Coast Ward

Jane Fraser

South Ayrshire

Girvan Ward

Eileen Spence

Kyle Ward

Geoff Bush

Prestwick Ward

John Caddis

ALBA's 5 point plan:
Annual £500 payment for low income
Child Payment of £40 per week
Free Scjpol meals
Double EMA
Universal access to sports for all under 18
This is what your ALBA local councillors are pledged to deliver.
You can vote for as many as you like – you do not have to fill in all the boxes!

Please visit the main Alba website for more information.

Please come back after the local elections and join our discussion forums
for free-wheeling and vigorous debate about Scotland’s future and Independence!