SNP walk out when ALBA speaks up for Scotland

SNP MPs betrayed their real interests on Tuesday in Westminster. Rather than contribute to a debate on Scotland’s renewable energy potential, the SNP left as soon as Alba’s Kenny MacAskill started speaking. If they were interested in Scottish Independence they would have listened to the argument, contributed to the debate, and advanced the cause of… Continue reading SNP walk out when ALBA speaks up for Scotland

Conference speeches: Heather McLean

Raising the issues of teacher retention and retirement, and calling for a working group to be set up within ALBA. Motion to set up Education Working Group This speech was cut short due to time constraints – please read the full text above.


SALMOND ‘SILENCED’ Please share this page if you believe democratic voices should not be silenced: Ofcom said Alba could complain to them if they wanted the BBC’s decision to be reconsidered.  This is the link to complain as a member of the public:

The UK’s “Moron Risk Premium”

Since Quarteng’s disastrous Budget the international financial markets have been judging the UK’s credit rating using the “Moron Risk Premium”. The credit rating determines how much it costs to borrow money on the international exchanges. Contrary to the impression give by the Better Together bunch, the UK runs a continuous financial deficit – it’s always… Continue reading The UK’s “Moron Risk Premium”

Salmond calls for Referendum

Salmond: Recall Holyrood to immediately table referendum bill to capitalise on Westminster’s Chaos Posted by Alba Party, October 20 ALBA PARTY LEADER ALEX SALMOND has called for Holyrood to recalled so that a Bill for a Scottish Independence Referendum can be tabled in the Scottish Parliament immediately to take advantage of the chaos in Westminster. … Continue reading Salmond calls for Referendum

ALBA Conference 2022 Leaders’ Speeches

Leading the Conference and the debate on Scottish Independence. Alex Salmond’s closing speech with preamble by Kenny MacAskill. Some of the points raised by Alex in his speech:Why we need a focused election campaign across all parties.Why EFTA is good for Scotland.Why Scottish energy needs to be held in Scottish hands, and benefit the People… Continue reading ALBA Conference 2022 Leaders’ Speeches