Julie Bindel’s Commentary on ‘Trans’ prisoners

Julie is a highly respected author and campaigner for Women’s Rights and Gay Rights. Her interview on GBNews is brilliant, because she goes straight to the heart of the issues and has such depth of knowledge. I find people like Julie deeply impressive: they have conviction in what what they are saying and don’t water… Continue reading Julie Bindel’s Commentary on ‘Trans’ prisoners

Will the Union break?

Some thoughts on Tom Nairn’s death and his obituary. Tom Nairn, hailed as the ‘intellectual godfather of the Scottish Independence movement’, died this week: he was 90 years old. Others have written of his profound writing and of his prediction that the United Kingdom as a state will inevitably break up. So I pose this… Continue reading Will the Union break?

Dissent – in the spirit of Burns!

One of the signs of greatness in an artist’s output is their relevance to not only their own times, but future generations. Rabbie Burns is one such. Not only relevant to his own folks, but to cultures and peoples across the globe. An Ayrshire lad. Today’s Burns Day in Edinburgh marked the anniversary of the… Continue reading Dissent – in the spirit of Burns!

Time for Scotland to take control of its renewable assets

Kenny MacAskill The ALBA Depute Leader Kenny MacAskill MP has revealed the full extent of the foreign ownership of Scotland’s renewable energy assets by state owned energy companies with countries including China, the United Arab Emirates, France, Sweden, Norway and  Ireland all profiting from Scotland’s massive energy resources in the Offshore wind sector.  Read more here …

Two simple steps to a vote on Independence

This is a précis of an article from Wings Over Scotland. Wings Over Scotland has outlined a devastating simple, practical, and legal way for the SNP / Green Scottish Government to call for what they keep claiming they want – a vote of the Scottish people on Scottish Independence. The SNP must use this simple,… Continue reading Two simple steps to a vote on Independence

Should we rename the SNP?

Looking at their actions, not their words, leads us to an uncomfortable conclusion. Today the SNP again kicked the ball of Independence further down the road, to 2026. Then Scots can vote, not for Independence, but for a mandate for another referendum. Which has already been suppressed by the Supreme Court. Wings over Scotland puts… Continue reading Should we rename the SNP?