Adult Human Female

A film by Reality Matters Productions

This film gives well-informed and heartfelt testimony from women and academics about their experience and the effects of Transgender Rights Activists (TRAs) on their lives and wider society.


There’s a reason for having two different words, sex and gender.

Almost half of men in women’s prisons who self-id are sex offenders.

The power of the word ‘trans’ is due to lack of clarity on what it means.

The lesbian perspective.

Stonewall a victim of their own success – having succeeded in establishing lesbian and gay rights, should they wind down an organisation of 100 plus?

Why TRAs have to use coercion.

A G.P. on the importance of defending the right to discuss and debate.

The capture of the media, partially due to false statistics.

Using ambiguity to shut down debate in universities.

A simple question: How, Why, and Where does biological sex matter? An illustration of the deep penetration of academic life by the TRA ideology.

Ambiguity of ‘trans’ makes its way into Scottish legislation.

Who would be a woman today? The rise in numbers of girls attending clinics

Social transitioning inexorably leads to physical.

A G.P. on the commercial interest in the transgender movement.

Gender affirmation at an early age locks children into a choice.

A middle-class phenomenon.

Gay and lesbian kids are being pushed by social pressure to being ‘trans’.

Stonewall is in a very dangerous place.

It’s not just people trying to live their lives

The full film.

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In case you missed the original story, here’s a tweet showing Trans Rights Activists blocking the entrance to a viewing in Edinburgh University.

It is clear that ‘Robyn Woof’ has no intention of allowing the women in to watch the film. The Edinburgh University security staff are standing by, powerless in the face of the bullying tactics of the TRAs.

Hence this response from David Henry of the Alba Party.

There were ample grounds for the security staff to have intervened: they didn’t. See our article on the underhand tactics of TRA campaigners here.

So far we are unaware of any response from Edinburgh University: we will put any updates on here as soon as possible.

We leave it to viewers to form their own opinion of what is going on.

This confirms the Alba Party’s determination to strain every sinew in the effort to defend Women’s Rights.

See this statement by our Women’s Convener.