“After Brexit, Scottish independence returns to the fore” – Alex Salmond

Fascinating interview with Alex Salmond for Spain’s popular newspaper La Razon.

Alex Salmond the tenacious politician introduces his new independence party, Alba.

Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond (born 1954, Linlithgow) was close to winning Scottish independence in the historic 2014 referendum, agreed with the Westminster government.

After the defeat, he resigned as leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), but left the party at its peak popularity; Salmond had a political career full of successes, such as becoming the first pro-Scottish independence First Minister ( 2007) or being the first to achieve an absolute majority (2011). Considered in the day as the “Braveheart of the 21st century” he now returns with his own party, Alba, with which he aspires to generate decisive ‘momentum’ in the current independence movement.

If Northern Ireland can have a referendum every seven years, why can’t Scotland?

Alex Salmond

The Supreme Court has ruled that Edinburgh’s devolved Parliament does not have the authority to hold a new referendum without Westminster’s consent. But he is not willing to throw in the towel and this Saturday he called on the entire independence movement to draw up a new road map.

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