ALBA MP shows the SNP how it’s done

Once again the unmatched oratory skills of ALBA’s Depute Leader in Westminster highlight the practical path to Scottish Independence.

We in the ALBA party are prepared to support any motion which advances the case for Independence, and any party which proposes one.

As any true friend will do, ALBA will offer criticism where necessary to help our friends in the Independence movement maximise their impact and the effectiveness of the campaign.

Kenny MacAskill, 14th December in Westminster

Kenny’s speech highlights the futility of asking Westminster to relinquish its grip on Scotland, with all the revenue and resources Scotland has and should be using to improve the lives of Scots, not to fund tax cuts for the rich.

It’s not the UK Supreme Court which is sovereign, it’s the democratically elected representatives of the people of Scotland

Kenny MacAskill

Kenny and the ALBA Party call on the SNP to deliver the referendum they promised “no ifs, no buts” in 2023, and Kenny shows them clearly and simply how it can be done.

He challenges the SNP’s Westminster MPs to support Neale Hanvey’s St. Andrew’s Day Declaration.

It is time for all the true friends of Scotland to stand forth and stand up for Scottish Independence.