Alba Party Call for £40 Child Payment and Free School Meals for all in New Year

Alba have made the call as 1 in 4 children will start 2023 living in poverty.

Alba Party have called for the Scottish Child Payment to be increased to £40 and for free school meals for all primary and secondary school children this year.

Their call comes as Scotland enters another new year in which more children are set to be driven into poverty as a result of the ongoing cost of living crisis.

“The levels of child poverty in Scotland are a national scandal. Scotland is an energy rich land.

Corri Wilson

Alba say that an increase in the Scottish Child Payment to £40 is necessary to lift children out of poverty but due to record high inflation if the payment does not increase then many families who receive it will have a real terms cut.

Alex Salmond’s party also want the Scottish Government to honour its commitment to fund free school meals for all primary school children as well as extending the policy to all high school pupils. Alba say that “ funding free school meals for all primary school children is a commitment long past the point that it must be honoured but, as the cost of the school day becomes even more expensive in High School the Scottish Government must extend free school meals to secondary school pupils.”

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