Alex Salmond at the Oxford Union

Taking the message to the heart of England…

Alex Salmond

Very formal, quasi-parliamentary style of debate.

That doesn’t stop Alex from getting his point across – time and time again. Alex Cole-Hamilton doesn’t stand a chance…

We need passion like this from all of Scotland’s parties.

We need the SNP on board too: the SNP’s ordinary members know this already. The struggle for Scottish Independence is greater than any one party, or any one person. The struggle for Scottish Independence is the struggle of a people for justice and freedom.

Watch this SNP member bravely speaking out about how to get the best of team Scotland on the field. This clip is from the ALBA meeting in Perth last December:-

An SNP member speaks out at ALBA Perth
This is what ALBA have been saying all along, starting with the
1st Vote SNP 2nd Vote ALBA campaign in 2021 for the Scottish Parliament .

ALBA has always played for Scotland.

We all need to play for Scotland!