Alex Salmond calls for next SNP leader hold an Independence Convention

In his interview with Sky on the shock resignation of Nicola Sturgeon, Alex Salmond suggested that whoever becomes the next leader of the SNP should follow his own example and listen to a wide range of views.

In the run-up to his referendum in 2014, support for Independence went up from the 30s to the high 40s. Alex Salmond credited this in part to his policy of including a wide range of voices in favour of Independence, building a broad and effective Yes movement across the country.

an Independence YES movement which was larger than the SNP

Alex Salmond on the 2014 surge towards Scottish Independence

The next leader of the SNP should not repeat the mistake of narrowing the cause of Independence to only one party: that risks mixing messages. The case for Independence should not be dependent on the sure-footedness of one party or administration.

There is a clear need to bring together all who are part of the Independence movement, perhaps by calling an Independence Convention. This would unite the strong and various organisations and parties calling for Scottish Independence, again forming an across-Scotland YES movement.

The case for Scottish Independence has never been stronger.

Alex Salmond’s vision would make Scotland’s case both stronger and wider.

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