Alex Salmond

First Minister of Scotland 2007-2014

The Chiel that Winna Ding

Scotland needs an SNRC – a
Scottish National Renewables Corporation

The billion pound giveaway of the Scotwind auction allowed by the Scottish Government earlier this year, should now be urgently revised to provide for a public share and the establishment of SNRC.

Alex Salmond on the signing of the Edinburgh Agreement –
showing how it should be done!

Alex Salmond on the signing of the Edinburgh Agreement with David Cameron.

Alex Salmond presenting the Wee Alba Book in Edinburgh

Alex Salmond in the Apex Hotel

Alex Salmond backs the ALBA MPs thrown out of the UK Parliament

Alex Salmond on the stump in Perth

Apologies for the video quality – it keeps jumping.

From 23’50” onwards –

  • Alex on ‘the Vow’ of 2014
  • the expulsion of ALBA MPs
  • how to protest effectively in WM

SNP MPs have morphed into Labour of yesteryear

  • UK Supreme Court request
  • How to run a Plebiscite Election.

Alex Salmond is thrown out of the UK Parliament

The chiel that winna ding…

Alex Salmond on a referendum

Alex Salmond on the Sunday Show

Alex Salmond ‘swears’ at a public
meeting in Dunfermline

Then holds the audience spell-bound

I’ve got news for you. It’s raining!

Alex Salmond calls for a public share of offshore wind

Alex Salmond on protecting womens’ and girls’ rights

Speech at the Spring Conference