Stop LGBT indoctrination clubs in schools

We support the petition to stop the Scottish Government, through LGBT Youth Scotland, proselytising for children to ‘transition’ in schools. The conclusions of the Cass Report are clear: great damage is being done to children through the type of ‘affirmative’ care and ‘social transitioning’ being recommended by the Scottish Government’s Transgender Guidelines for schools. From… Continue reading Stop LGBT indoctrination clubs in schools

Our Backyard ‘Galapagos’ Lochs

by Ron Greer, freshwater biologist. There can be few among us, who, when they hear the name ‘Galapagos’ do not have mental images conjured up, of all the wonderful TV documentaries over several decades, perhaps even going right back, as in my own case, to the black and white transmissions of ‘Baby- Boomer’ childhood. The… Continue reading Our Backyard ‘Galapagos’ Lochs

Yes – Scotland’s Future

First you find hopeThen you registerNext you voteThen you win. A post by Eva Comrie, independent parliamentary candidate for Alloa and Grangemouth SCOTLAND’S schemes and housing estates were motivated to vote for overwhelming change in 2014 because they believed. They believed that the competent Scottish Government which transformed our lives from 2007 -14 would similarly… Continue reading Yes – Scotland’s Future

Scotland’s Hate Speech Act and Abuse of Process

March 21, 2024  Originally published by Craig Murray. This important blog highlights the problems which will be introduced by the Hate Crime legislation due to come into force on 1st April. Craig Murray succinctly focuses on the chilling effects the legislation will have on freedom of speech and freedom of conscience. We are grateful to him… Continue reading Scotland’s Hate Speech Act and Abuse of Process

A Dream to Keep

Eva Comrie posted this first on Iain Lawson’s site Yours For Scotland Each of us has our own part to play in creating the future Scotland deserves; for that reason and a few more outlined below, I have resolved to stand as an Independent candidate for the constituency of Alloa and Grangemouth at the forthcoming… Continue reading A Dream to Keep

Environment Speech

Fiona Sinclair

This is the speech that Fiona Sinclair was not able to deliver at this year’s Alba Party Conference. Telling the truth is a revolutionary act – deceit has been used by the powerful throughout history, to promote their own message and, through this, their own interests. In no other political field is the telling of… Continue reading Environment Speech