It’s Scotland’s Oil

John Jappy was a civil servant under the Labour government which sold out Scotland. Highlights of John’s interview include: Learn more in this interview with John here … Dennis Healey, Chancellor of the Exchequer under Labour, admitted in 2013 that Labour had underplayed the value of Scottish oil, he even campaigned against setting up an… Continue reading It’s Scotland’s Oil

Another energy rip-off… The Norwegian state oil company Equinor is to benefit from Scottish oil. The Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund will increase from the flow of Scottish oil. And were is Scotland’s Sovereign Wealth Fund? England. It’s time for Scottish Independence.

On becoming a non-person in the SNP

Many of our most active and committed campaigners for Scottish Independence have been driven out of the SNP: this is the experience of one of their most effective and committed campaigners.

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Latest at 3:41 Wednesday 6th July So far… Chancellor Rishi Sunak Health secretary Sajid Javid Will Quince, education minister Alex Chalk, solicitor general Robin Walker, education minister John Glen, treasury minister Victoria Atkins, justice minister Jonathan Gullis, Northern Ireland Office Saqib Bhatti, Department of Health and Social Care Nicola Richards, Department of Transport Virginia Crosbie, Welsh Office Laura… Continue reading Resignations

Chancellor and Health Secretary Resign

Westminster is in disarray tonight following the resignations of Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Secretary of State Sajid Javid resign from Boris Johnson’s government. Sunak’s letter viciously attacks Johnson’s competence, commitment and probity. The public rightly expect government to be conducted properly, competently and seriously. Javid’s letter emphasises the lack of integrity in Johnson’s government. I… Continue reading Chancellor and Health Secretary Resign

Westminster claims sovereignty over Scotland

Section 38 of the EU Withdrawal bill is a naked grab of Scotland’s right to exist as a nation. It is also a naked breach of settled international law. In direct opposition to the English doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty, sovereignty in Scotland is reserved to the people of Scotland. In England, (from the Bill of… Continue reading Westminster claims sovereignty over Scotland