Ayr directions

The Cutty Sark Centre is just across the road from Ayr Town Hall.


You can see ALBA’s women’s policies here

Directions to car parks, sandwich shops etc.

These directions were prepared earlier in the year for an ALBA event, but will
hopefully be helpful for those travelling to the Women Won’t Wheesht event.

These are Google Maps directions for travellers to Ayr Town Hall coming from the A77 from the Glasgow direction, i.e. from the north. The first large roundabout you come to with traffic lights on it is the Heathfield Roundabout, which is the starting place for many of these directions.

Parking on the seafront is (nearly all) free. There are lots of other places to park, so no worries.


https://bit.ly/3lpLyEU driving from Heathfield Roundabout to Ayr seafront.

https://bit.ly/3Xl1rK3 walking from the seafront to Ayr Town Hall

https://bit.ly/3jVubLH from Heathfield Roundabout to Library car park: this is a shorter walk to the Town Hall, but a smaller car park.

https://bit.ly/3ROuzrY walking from Library car park to town hall

https://bit.ly/40Jmf0K from Town Hall to nearest Markies – Greggs and other cafes are in easy reach.

https://bit.ly/3Yo6x9F from Heathfield Roundabout to a large Simply Food, Greggs, Costa, Pizza Hut – you get the idea!

https://bit.ly/3IcDWP4 from Seafront to large SimplyFood etc on the way back out of town, towards Heathfield Roundabout.

If you’re coming up the A77 from the south, this will get you to the seafront.

https://bit.ly/3HR4zHV from hospital roundabout to seafront