For Women Scotland fact-sheets

For Women Scotland have released a series of fact-sheets on Womens Rights and Gender issues, available here … The fact-sheet on schools raises concerns To sign up to the LGBTY Charter Award Scheme schools not only have to pay £1250, but sign up to a confidentiality clause not to disclose any LGBT Youth Scotland or… Continue reading For Women Scotland fact-sheets

Tories can’t decide on plans to limit food prices

The Tories are so concerned that food price inflation will reverse the electoral gains they made in ‘Red Wall’ seats that they are thinking of introducing voluntary price caps on basic foods such as bread and milk. Ironically, the seats they gained through their lies about Brexit are likely to be lost due to inflation… Continue reading Tories can’t decide on plans to limit food prices

Scotland is getting SLAPPED

from a blog by Iain Lawson here … The giant Norwegian fish farm company, MOWI, largely owned by John Fredriksen, one of the world’s richest men with a fortune, per Forbes Magazine, of about $13 billion, has raised an action seeking an interdict against the well known environmental activist and campaigner, Don Staniford, the effect… Continue reading Scotland is getting SLAPPED