Requiem for a Dream

Republicaton of an article on Iain Lawson’s website Yours For Scotland Taking up my offer to publish a full explanation of the turmoil surrounding the Alba NEC elections two of those involved have prepared this article so those members who have been active on social media can fully understand events. For those annoyed by the… Continue reading Requiem for a Dream

Schemes for Indy

The Way Ahead A major new force has just entered Scottish Politics. The people. Leanne Tervit, who quit the Alba Party on a point of principle, has just launched a new movement in Scottish politics. Schemes for Indy. Here’s what she says. I’ve found out in a very short time that Parties attract the wrong… Continue reading Schemes for Indy

Brexit import controls – uncontrolled confusion.

As we posted last Friday, the UK government has decided – against the interests of Scots – to implement the border controls Boris Johnson agreed to in order to finalise his ‘oven ready’ Brexit deal with the EU. Of course, they’re not ready, even after 4 years. The Institute of Export and International Trade has… Continue reading Brexit import controls – uncontrolled confusion.

Brexit Bourach

The Brexit fallout isn’t over yet – not by a long shot. Once again the UK government is making decisions which affect Scotland, over which Scots have no say, and which will take money away from Scottish families. The first decision the Sunak government is taking: they’re going to reinstate border checks on food imports.… Continue reading Brexit Bourach


A summary of Iain Lawson’s blog on social media and freedom of speech. Iain Lawson’s full blog is posted here. Recent times have seen a number of bloggers leave the scene or at the very least cutback substantially on their number of posts. One of the main reasons for this is the impact of social… Continue reading WHAT WE PRO INDY BLOGGERS ARE UP AGAINST (Summary)

Teacher retention – an issue for Scottish Schools

In the light of today’s story on STV about teachers leaving, here is a speech from ALBA’s Conference 2022 Motion to set up Education Working Group This speech was cut short due to time constraints – please read the full text above. Use the button to expand to full screen. Heather McLean is a retired… Continue reading Teacher retention – an issue for Scottish Schools

Speech on the Environment

Fiona Sinclair

This is the speech that Fiona Sinclair was not able to deliver at this year’s Alba Party Conference. Telling the truth is a revolutionary act – deceit has been used by the powerful throughout history, to promote their own message and, through this, their own interests. In no other political field is the telling of… Continue reading Speech on the Environment

Scotland Against Pylons

Scotland is being exploited! A blog by Joan DuncanImages from SSEN We must all work together to stop the annihilation of Scotland’s countryside, environment, wildlife, rural economy, tourism and health with all that means. We will not be collateral damage for profit! We do not need the amount of energy that SSEN and many of… Continue reading Scotland Against Pylons