NO General Election now!

A General Election right now would not further the cause of Scottish Independence argues Craig Murray. A General Election before the Supreme Court decision would give the SNP an excuse to avoid calling it a Plebiscite. It would give the new SNP MPs another 5 year sinecure while doing nothing for Scottish Independence – after… Continue reading NO General Election now!

£8 Billion to the UK Treasury

In only 9 months – And Counting. “The Treasury has banked a bumper £8billion windfall from the North Sea in just nine months, according to new research. “Figures published by Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce today reveal that offshore operators and licensees have been paying an average of £45.6million in tax per day during… Continue reading £8 Billion to the UK Treasury

ALBA will always stand up

For the people of Scotland, and we will always stand up for Independence. This week I secured a debate in the House of Commons which shone a light on the latest example of Scotland’s massive energy resources, in this case offshore wind, being cabled south, but with Scotland getting very little in return.  No financial… Continue reading ALBA will always stand up

SNP walk out when ALBA speaks up for Scotland

SNP MPs betrayed their real interests on Tuesday in Westminster. Rather than contribute to a debate on Scotland’s renewable energy potential, the SNP left as soon as Alba’s Kenny MacAskill started speaking. If they were interested in Scottish Independence they would have listened to the argument, contributed to the debate, and advanced the cause of… Continue reading SNP walk out when ALBA speaks up for Scotland


SALMOND ‘SILENCED’ Please share this page if you believe democratic voices should not be silenced: Ofcom said Alba could complain to them if they wanted the BBC’s decision to be reconsidered.  This is the link to complain as a member of the public: