Brexit Bourach

The Brexit fallout isn’t over yet – not by a long shot.

Once again the UK government is making decisions which affect Scotland, over which Scots have no say, and which will take money away from Scottish families.

The first decision the Sunak government is taking: they’re going to reinstate border checks on food imports. Initially they want full certificates for milk, cheese, meat, fish and imports such as live animals, and eggs for hatching. Then in April they will start physical checks on cargoes.

For a Brexiteer’s take on these checks, listen to this interview where Jacob Reese-Moog is taken to task by an interviewee who knows her facts: she points out that he is on record as saying the checks are an act of self-harm, and a choice of the UK’s Tory government.

What’s interesting in the clip, apart from the admission that Jacob Rees-Moog thinks these import controls are a massive act of self-harm, is they way he keeps interrupting his guest to prevent her making her points – while claiming to protect her right to free speech.

He is actually correct. Experts predict that increased prices will result from these checks. Just what families need. Food importers certainly don’t need the extra £1 Billion which the UK government admits it will all cost.

Another Brexit Bourach is the failure to achieve a trade deal with Canada.

We already had one as part of the EU, but the UK on it’s own can’t persuade Canada to give us the same favourable terms the EU was able to negotiate. The Canadians are demanding that they gain the right to export their hormone-reared beef and pork, which doesn’t meet food standards in Scotland.

If even English farmers – who voted for Brexit – can see that this is a disaster, why should we Scots meekly accept it?

Accepting these cheap Canadian imports would put Scottish farmers out of business unless they lowered their standards – with all the animal suffering that would entail.

“We had to take a strong line on this,” Minette Batters, the president of the National Farmers’ Union of England and Wales, told the BBC. “It would lead to a two-tier food market in this country. There is no need to compromise on it.”

The other way Scottish farmers will suffer is in dairy exports: Canada has tariffs of 245% on dairy imports, which will now be imposed on Scottish and UK farmers.

If even English farmers – who voted for Brexit – can see that this is a disaster, why should we Scots meekly accept it?

For the privilege of staying in the UK?

Time for Scottish Independence!