Can Scotland afford England?

Kwarteng and Truss impose their ultra-Right-Wing orthodoxy on Scotland

Kwarteng and Truss want to borrow an extra £72 Billion to fund tax cuts for the rich. An extra £72 Billion… With no specific plan on what to do with the money. Laissez Faire.

When Scotland becomes independent, they will want to land Scotland with a share of that debt. Can we afford that?

That’s on top of the ridiculous scheme to borrow money to give to the oil and energy companies to subsidise household bills. No attempt to bring in a windfall tax – that’s far too left-wing. Germany, France, those countries in the EU who have all brought in price caps, or nationalised energy companies, or charged a windfall tax – they’re the crazy ones. Our visionary Kwarteng-Truss hard Right government are leading the way.

Scotland is paying the price.

Labour are no better. They propose a £8 Billion Sovereign Wealth Fund. What they don’t say is that the source of much of the money is Scotland’s gas, oil, and wind resources. They then propose to spend on building new gigafactories, clean steel plants and green hydrogen projects. Are we taking bets on how many of those will be in Scotland?

Can we be clear. These profits are from Scottish assets, and it’s Scotland which should have a Sovereign Wealth Fund. We should be like Norway, and have a $1 Trillion wealth fund. That came from wise treatment of the oil reserves Norway found at the same time Scotland did.

So, where’s Scotland’s Sovereign Wealth Fund? The answer’s simple: it’s in England.

Scotland can’t afford to be ripped off again, by Tories or Labour.

There has never been a more vital need for Scottish Independence.

Some links:

Since the 1920s the UK government has been afraid to publish the true figures for the contribution of Scotland to the UK economy.

No wonder.

Read this article for a touching, personal account.

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