Yes – Scotland’s Future

First you find hopeThen you registerNext you voteThen you win. A post by Eva Comrie, independent parliamentary candidate for Alloa and Grangemouth SCOTLAND’S schemes and housing estates were motivated to vote for overwhelming change in 2014 because they believed. They believed that the competent Scottish Government which transformed our lives from 2007 -14 would similarly… Continue reading Yes – Scotland’s Future

A Dream to Keep

Eva Comrie posted this first on Iain Lawson’s site Yours For Scotland Each of us has our own part to play in creating the future Scotland deserves; for that reason and a few more outlined below, I have resolved to stand as an Independent candidate for the constituency of Alloa and Grangemouth at the forthcoming… Continue reading A Dream to Keep

Schemes for Indy

The Way Ahead A major new force has just entered Scottish Politics. The people. Leanne Tervit, who quit the Alba Party on a point of principle, has just launched a new movement in Scottish politics. Schemes for Indy. Here’s what she says. I’ve found out in a very short time that Parties attract the wrong… Continue reading Schemes for Indy

Scotland Against Pylons

Scotland is being exploited! A blog by Joan DuncanImages from SSEN We must all work together to stop the annihilation of Scotland’s countryside, environment, wildlife, rural economy, tourism and health with all that means. We will not be collateral damage for profit! We do not need the amount of energy that SSEN and many of… Continue reading Scotland Against Pylons

Scotland is getting SLAPPED

from a blog by Iain Lawson here … The giant Norwegian fish farm company, MOWI, largely owned by John Fredriksen, one of the world’s richest men with a fortune, per Forbes Magazine, of about $13 billion, has raised an action seeking an interdict against the well known environmental activist and campaigner, Don Staniford, the effect… Continue reading Scotland is getting SLAPPED

It all sounds so nice…

Highly Protected Marine Area – it has such a reassuring ring to it! But it will be devastating to the Fishing Communities who’ve depended on fishing since the Clearances. Now they feel they’re being Cleared again. Centuries of traditional skills, family history, local knowledge, centuries of living in harmony with nature, are all being piled… Continue reading It all sounds so nice…

Investment in Scottish economy stronger than UK

Respected business insiders KPMG have announced that Scotland had registered a 69% increase in investment in mid-sized companies last year, compared to a 19% drop in the rest of the UK. This is due in no small part to the difference between Scotland’s economy and that of the rest of the UK. The strategic change… Continue reading Investment in Scottish economy stronger than UK