Hydrogen – part of Scotland’s future?

Hydrogen can be made by passing electricity through water – an ideal use for extra electricity produced from windfarms. Spanish companies can sign deals to sell Hydrogen as fuel – why can’t Scottish companies? Scotland’s windfarms are regularly asked to shut down turbines because the UK doesn’t ‘need’ their power due to the crazy ‘market‘… Continue reading Hydrogen – part of Scotland’s future?

Why is energy pricing set up to hurt consumers?

Scotland is paying for England’s electricity due to this unfair, rigged system. Scotland generates up to 106% of its power through wind alone –and the price of wind has not increased over this past year! Nevertheless, Scots are paying to subsidise England’s system… This deeply researched article show how the pricing system is rigged to… Continue reading Why is energy pricing set up to hurt consumers?

Another energy rip-off…

The Norwegian state oil company Equinor is to benefit from Scottish oil. The Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund will increase from the flow of Scottish oil. And were is Scotland’s Sovereign Wealth Fund? England. It’s time for Scottish Independence with ALBA leading the way.