Salmond and Sillars Speak in Arbroath

Calls on the “community of Scotland to claim leadership of the independence campaign” In a Wee ALBA Book meeting in the Meadowbank Inn Arbroath, at which he shared a platform with Jim Sillars for the first time since the Scottish Referendum of 2014, former First Minister Alex Salmond said; “For the first 60 years of… Continue reading Salmond and Sillars Speak in Arbroath

It all sounds so nice…

Highly Protected Marine Area – it has such a reassuring ring to it! But it will be devastating to the Fishing Communities who’ve depended on fishing since the Clearances. Now they feel they’re being Cleared again. Centuries of traditional skills, family history, local knowledge, centuries of living in harmony with nature, are all being piled… Continue reading It all sounds so nice…

Alex Salmond – this week

This past week has been momentous for Scottish politics. Hear the comments of Alex Salmond, former leader of the SNP, former First Minister of Scotland, and current leader of the Alba Party. You can see more clips from Alex along with Depute Leader Kenny MacAskill M.P. and Parliamentary Leader Neale Hanvey M.P. here …

Salmond calls for unity

In the light of Humza Yousaf’s election as the leader of the SNP, Alex Salmond has called for unity in the Independence movement. Former First Minister and Leader of the Pro-independence ALBA Party, Alex Salmond, has said that Humza Yousaf must set out a “credible plan to deliver independence” within the life of the current… Continue reading Salmond calls for unity

MacAskill Reacts to the 2023 Budget

Posted by Kenny MacAskill, March 15 Reacting to the Budget today ALBA Depute Leader and fair energy prices campaigner Kenny MacAskill MP said: The North East of Scotland, which is best placed to deliver carbon capture and storage, has been snubbed yet again.  the Chancellor announced in the autumn that £65 billion would be seized Scottish families are… Continue reading MacAskill Reacts to the 2023 Budget

Alex Salmond at the Oxford Union

Taking the message to the heart of England… Very formal, quasi-parliamentary style of debate. That doesn’t stop Alex from getting his point across – time and time again. Alex Cole-Hamilton doesn’t stand a chance… We need passion like this from all of Scotland’s parties. We need the SNP on board too: the SNP’s ordinary members… Continue reading Alex Salmond at the Oxford Union

ALBA response to the Windsor Framework

Posted by Alba Party, February 28 In response to the Windsor Framework Alba Party Westminster Leader Neale Hanvey MP said, “Any initiative to sustain a lasting peace in Northern Ireland will be welcome news for the entire island of Ireland and for the constituent countries of the UK, and should be supported by all politicians.… Continue reading ALBA response to the Windsor Framework

Food inflation is highest on record

A survey by Kantar shows that inflation on food has reached the highest it has on record, 17.1%. On an annual food bill of about £90 per week, that translates into an extra £16 per week. Once again it is the poorest in society who are suffering the most. According to the Office for National… Continue reading Food inflation is highest on record