Our Backyard ‘Galapagos’ Lochs

by Ron Greer, freshwater biologist. There can be few among us, who, when they hear the name ‘Galapagos’ do not have mental images conjured up, of all the wonderful TV documentaries over several decades, perhaps even going right back, as in my own case, to the black and white transmissions of ‘Baby- Boomer’ childhood. The… Continue reading Our Backyard ‘Galapagos’ Lochs

Environment Speech

Fiona Sinclair

This is the speech that Fiona Sinclair was not able to deliver at this year’s Alba Party Conference. Telling the truth is a revolutionary act – deceit has been used by the powerful throughout history, to promote their own message and, through this, their own interests. In no other political field is the telling of… Continue reading Environment Speech

Scotland Against Pylons

Scotland is being exploited! A blog by Joan DuncanImages from SSEN We must all work together to stop the annihilation of Scotland’s countryside, environment, wildlife, rural economy, tourism and health with all that means. We will not be collateral damage for profit! We do not need the amount of energy that SSEN and many of… Continue reading Scotland Against Pylons

Scotland is getting SLAPPED

from a blog by Iain Lawson here … The giant Norwegian fish farm company, MOWI, largely owned by John Fredriksen, one of the world’s richest men with a fortune, per Forbes Magazine, of about $13 billion, has raised an action seeking an interdict against the well known environmental activist and campaigner, Don Staniford, the effect… Continue reading Scotland is getting SLAPPED