Gender Recognition Reform Bill

Today the bill will be forced through. Taking a step back from the thunder and lightning of today’s debate and the protests against the bill, let’s take a look at some background. Similar legislation has been enacted in many countries, Canada and Norway spring to mind. In many instances the path to the legislation has… Continue reading Gender Recognition Reform Bill

Why Women Wont Wheesht

Posted by Dr Yvonne Ridley, December 21 Scottish democracy has been dragged through the holly-decked halls of Westminster in shackles to watch the arrival of 2023. This current year has been an ugly one for Scottish politics which culminated in the tumultuous, combative debates over support for the Government’s damaging gender recognition bill which has… Continue reading Why Women Wont Wheesht

Hard-hitting blog from ALBA’s Equalities Convener

SMALL TOWN GIRL Born in Stirling, I spent my first years in caravans in Blairlogie and Crieff then moved to Alva where our home was a house. I live there still having had Uni years in Edinburgh and a couple of months working In Dundee. My education was such that there’s an ability to communicate… Continue reading Hard-hitting blog from ALBA’s Equalities Convener


Heather McLean lives in Dundee, and is a teacher with forty four years experience. The article is in response to the Scottish Government’s Transgender Guidance for Scottish Schools. Parents are not going along with this ideology, they are deliberately being kept in the dark by the schools under instruction and pressure from complicit Local Authorities.… Continue reading A TEACHER AND PARENT SPEAKS OUT!