A message from Angus MacPhail of Skipinnish to the ALBA Spring Conference

Angus MacPhail from the band Skipinnish, who recently released the song The Clearances Again in protest to the current Scottish Government’s plans for Highly Protected Marine Areas, sent the message below to the ALBA Party Spring Conference following the passing of a motion opposing HPMAs. You can read the full motion here. Originally posted by Alba… Continue reading A message from Angus MacPhail of Skipinnish to the ALBA Spring Conference

By-election campaign in Bellshill

A by-election is taking place in Bellshill on the 15th of June, with ALBA’s candidate John Marshall putting his name forward. John had to fight for his place – there were four contenders for the candidacy! He’s already identified important local issues, as he’s outlined here in a conversation with Alex Salmond: If you’d like… Continue reading By-election campaign in Bellshill

It’s time to reframe current tribalism

A blog by Neal Hanvey, first published by the ALBA Party, 6th May. I’m not speaking at the All Under One Banner rally on Saturday 6th May. This will likely elicit a cheer, ambivalence or perhaps disappointment in your mind. Yet those feelings are unlikely to be stimulated by any direct personal knowledge of me as an… Continue reading It’s time to reframe current tribalism

AUOB final speakers list

All Under One Banner have published their final list of speakers for the Rally on 6th May. The March starts at Kelvingrove Park at 11:30 sharp.The route gives plenty of opportunity to join the March and add your voice to the call for Scottish Independence. This is a rally for all parties, for all who… Continue reading AUOB final speakers list

ALBA Demand Free School Meals for All

ALBA Party have launched a petition to demand that the Scottish Government roll out Free School Meals to all school children in Scotland. In advance of this weekend’s Coronation, that is estimated to cost over £100 Million, ALBA Party have called on the Scottish Government to commit to the Free School Meals policy. … an… Continue reading ALBA Demand Free School Meals for All

A Choice Of Two Events

Excellent blog from ALBA’s Highland Organiser which pinpoints the choice facing Scots this weekend – bend the knee to a Southern Sovereign, or March for Scotland’s Sovereignty. This Saturday 6th May, two events are taking place, one in London spending millions of public money on an event a recent poll showed nearly 75% of people in… Continue reading A Choice Of Two Events