The Westminster Democratic Deficit

An interview with Kenny MacAskill following his expulsion from the UK Parliament for putting forward Scotland’s right to hold a referendum. Ironically, Alba policy is not to have a referendum, that’s an SNP policy. However, the SNP MPs sat on their hands. Who stands for Scotland? #AlbaStandsForScotland

Shut Up or Go

ALBA MPs stand up for Scotland And are told to shut up Two ALBA MPs throw Westminster into chaos. Their point: Scotland has a right to hold a referendum on Scottish Independence and Westminster has no right to deny it. Speaker Hoyle has to ask their names twice and almost loses it altogether. Imagine if… Continue reading Shut Up or Go

YES Movement Must Assert Scotland’s Right to Choose it’s Own Future

ALBA Depute Leader Kenny MacAskill MP said “Scotland’s right to decide is the key fundamental principle which must determine the democratic governance of Scotland. It is for the Scottish people and only the Scottish people to decide whether they become an Independent country. “The Yes movement can and will unite to offer a credible alternative… Continue reading YES Movement Must Assert Scotland’s Right to Choose it’s Own Future

Westminster claims sovereignty over Scotland

Section 38 of the EU Withdrawal bill is a naked grab of Scotland’s right to exist as a nation. It is also a naked breach of settled international law. In direct opposition to the English doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty, sovereignty in Scotland is reserved to the people of Scotland. In England, (from the Bill of… Continue reading Westminster claims sovereignty over Scotland


Heather McLean lives in Dundee, and is a teacher with forty four years experience. The article is in response to the Scottish Government’s Transgender Guidance for Scottish Schools. Parents are not going along with this ideology, they are deliberately being kept in the dark by the schools under instruction and pressure from complicit Local Authorities.… Continue reading A TEACHER AND PARENT SPEAKS OUT!


by Gordon Millar. Gordon was the Political Education Officer of the SNP’s London Branch. Oddly enough, I’ve never been stabbed in the back before. So, now that the dust has settled, I thought that I’d record my experience of being suspended and turned into a non-person by the SNP. We start on Wednesday morning, two… Continue reading ON BECOMING A NON-PERSON