It’s Scotland’s Oil

From a civil servant under the Labour government which sold out Scotland. John Jappy Highlights include: Labour hid from Scotland the extent of the oil reserves They rushed to get the money and gave away most of the value Thatcher made the SE of England the richest area of Europe on oil wealth Oil saved… Continue reading It’s Scotland’s Oil

Alex Salmond asks Why?

Read this withering analysis of the part the Civil Service played in the court case which found Alex Salmond innocent of all charges brought by Nicola Sturgeon and her Civil Service lackeys.


“DON’T ALLOW INDEPENDENCE DEBATE TO TAKE PLACE IN A CONSTITUTIONAL VACUUM – PROCLAIM SCOTLAND’S CLAIM OF RIGHT FAR AND WIDE” SAYS SALMOND Former First Minister, Alex Salmond, has said that independence should not be debated in a “constitutional vacuum” and called instead for “the articulation of the Scottish Government’s strategy to either bend Westminster to the will… Continue reading ALEX SALMOND WANTS THE CLAIM OF RIGHT FRONT AND CENTRE.

Another energy rip-off…

The Norwegian state oil company Equinor is to benefit from Scottish oil. The Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund will increase from the flow of Scottish oil. And were is Scotland’s Sovereign Wealth Fund? England. It’s time for Scottish Independence with ALBA leading the way.