‘Difficult or impossible’ for a third of adults to cover an extra £20 expense

In a recent survey, one third of adults in the UK admitted their finances were so finely balanced that an extra £20 per month would put them in financial difficulties.

That figure rises when you consider vulnerable groups:

  • 58% of those on benefits
  • 57% of those with prepayment meters
  • 47% of people of colour

Current government support is a sticking plaster which is quickly being exhausted due to the increased pressures people are facing.

Dame Clare Moriarty, Citizens Advice

Eating cold meals is one route people are forced to choose just to make ends meet. A survey by Public First found:

  • 23% had spent more on essentials than they had coming in
  • 67% could only keep this up for 6 months
  • 33% had to dip into savings in the past 3 months
  • 56% had either run out of savings or would do withing 12 weeks
  • 15% had been eating cold meals since winter started

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