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Time for Scotland to take control of its renewable assets

The ALBA Depute Leader Kenny MacAskill MP has revealed the full extent of the foreign ownership of Scotland’s renewable energy assets by state owned energy companies with countries including China, the United Arab Emirates, France, Sweden, Norway and  Ireland all profiting from Scotland’s massive energy resources in the Offshore wind sector. 

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Tories can’t decide on plans to limit food prices

The Tories are so concerned that food price inflation will reverse the electoral gains they made in ‘Red Wall’ seats that they are thinking of introducing voluntary price caps on basic foods such as bread and milk.

Ironically, the seats they gained through their lies about Brexit are likely to be lost due to inflation caused by – Brexit.

However, they will only admit that the plans are at an early stage, and go on to defend the narrow margins that supermarkets make and express concern over whether they will be able to afford tax cuts.

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