Ferries – some home truths leak out

Why is there no real scrutiny of what’s been going on?

The Scottish Government’s processes and oversight for commissioning new ferries has been brought into serious question by the revelations liniked to below.

Alex Salmond’s government always tried to show that a Scottish Government could be more competent, more focused, more relevant to Scottish issues than any Westminster appointed Secretary of State for Scotland.

Why is Nicola Sturgeon’s government not following his lead?

How is it possible that Norway can buy ferries at half the price with a higher spec? It has been calculated that for the £500 million costs of the incompetent Sturgeon-led process, Norway could have replaced ALL of the Scottish fleet of 31 ferries.

To say nothing of the LOST OPPORTUNITIES for the people whose lives depend on ferries and a competent Scottish Government.

Mull and Iona Ferry Committee