For Women Scotland fact-sheets

For Women Scotland have released a series of fact-sheets on
Womens Rights and Gender issues, available here

The fact-sheet on schools raises concerns

To sign up to the LGBTY Charter Award Scheme schools not only have to pay £1250, but sign up to a confidentiality clause not to disclose any LGBT Youth Scotland or Charter Award material to parents. Fifty percent of Scottish schools have already signed up – so there’s a 50:50 chance that your son, daughter or grandchild is in a school which has signed up.

That non-disclosure agreement itself should cause alarm.

However, some worrying information has come to light, including:

  • Posters in school directing children to LGBTYS website which includes age inappropriate and homophobic material such as a guide for lesbians with advice on contraceptive use if partner has a penis.
  • Several schools refused award until they agreed to best practice of not telling parents if their child decided they were trans.
  • An increase in homophobic bullying after introducing the charter.
  • Promotion of drag queens visiting schools, promotion of the unscientific “genderbread person” and “sex is on a spectrum”.

Details of AyrshireAlba’s concerns over the ‘Supporting Transgender Pupils In Schools’ advice from the Scottish Government, including altering lesson plans across the entire school, are here.

School Premises (General Requirements and Standards)
(Scotland) Regulations 1967 states half the sanitary
accommodation shall be for boys, and the other half for girls.
There is no provision for unisex, mixed-sex or gender-neutral

Leaflet on Toilets

The leaflets on toilets and sports contain some salutary facts, including details on how the TransGender lobby has successfully gaslighted organisations into adopting legally ambiguous positions which may infringe equality law and work against Womens Rights.

We recommend that you download, read, and share these documents freely.

It is our firm belief that our children, the current generation of school pupils, are the future of Scotland.

Please teach our children the truth about
Sex, Gender, and Women’s Rights.