Gender Recognition Reform Bill

Today the bill will be forced through.

Taking a step back from the thunder and lightning of today’s debate and the protests against the bill, let’s take a look at some background.

Similar legislation has been enacted in many countries, Canada and Norway spring to mind. In many instances the path to the legislation has been similar: the campaigns supporting the case have followed the advice of Dentons, who proclaim themselves the world’s biggest law firm.

In November 2019 they published a document to provide a “user-friendly resource for … the broader advocacy community for use in campaigning efforts for better gender recognition laws“.

Included in the advice are these:

  • Target youth politicians
  • De-medicalise the campaign
  • Use case studies of real people
  • Anonymise the narratives
  • Get ahead of the government agenda and the media story
  • Use human rights as a campaign point
  • Tie your campaign to more popular reform
  • Avoid excessive press coverage and exposure
  • carpe diem – seize the day

We can see quite clearly how the Green/SNP coalition have taken these points on board. The sudden impact of the debate in news bulletins shows the success of getting ahead of the media story. The focus on the human rights of trans people when taken against the inability of the proponents of the bill to define a woman tells its own story.

it’s time for MSPs of conscience to ditch the SNP and join ALBA

The refusal of SNP Ministers to take amendments to the bill shows their determination to seize the day, to push for the greatest legislative advances they can manage while they have the political majority to do so.

Take a look at the view of a former Cabinet Secretary for Justice in this blog, published 9th December. This bill is a farce.

This is far from the level of mature political debate we should expect from Scotland’s politicians.

This is far from the example of responsible government which campaigners for Scottish Independence should be aiming for.

This does nothing to support Scottish Independence: in fact it undermines the Scottish public’s confidence in our own future as an independent nation.

Given the SNP’s non-existent campaign for Scottish Independence, it’s time for MSPs of conscience to ditch the SNP and join ALBA in our vigorous campaign for Scottish Independence and protecting Women’s Rights.