General Election – July 4th

Finally we have a chance to let the
politicians know what we think of

Destroying women’s rights (SNP, Green, Labour, LibDem)

Supporting Freeports (Tory, SNP, Green, LibDem, Labour, Alba)

Stealing Scotland’s energy to prop up English jobs (Tory, LibDem, Labour)

The list goes on – we can trust none of them!

Who can we trust?


Independents For Independence!

Eva Comrie in Alloa and Grangemouth

Sally Hughes in Perth & Kinross-shire

Click on the links to see their campaign sites, and please donate to their campaign if you can.

Donate money (what you can afford)

Donate time – get on the streets

Download the AyeApp for iPhone or Android and get folks registered –

Give Scotland back our democracy