GRR Bill passes in Scottish Parliament

Despite strong opposition from campaigners for Women’s Rights, despite clear opinion polls against the bill, the SNP government yesterday passed the Gender Recognition Reform Bill.

Amendments were ignored, the parliament worked well past midnight two nights running just to go through the motions, but the SNP and Greens were clearly determined to push this legislation through.

The same day, ALBA had a flood of applications to join.

It’s clear that the political momentum has changed.

ALBA are prepared to take over where the SNP have failed.

The SNP are prepared to place their own selfish obsessions above the cause of Scottish Independence, even in the fact of the worst Tory austerity and the most outrageous exploitation of Scotland’s wealth of energy resources.

In place of the SNP’s betrayal of Women’s Rights, ALBA is committed to defend them: this is from our Women’s Convener.

For an informed and personal account of the effects of Transgender Rights Activists on women, look at the film Adult Human Female here.

ALBA are prepared to take over where the SNP have failed.

People are voting with their feet, and flocking to ALBA.

Join ALBA here!

Alba gu brĂ th – Scotland forever!