How likely are ‘TransWomen’ to be sex offenders?

Figures from an article on Wings Over Scotland, 10th January 22

One of the assumptions behind the SNP government refusing to accept amendments to the Gender Recognition Reform Bill of 22nd December was that they know better than anyone else what the risks posed by the bill were.

They wouldn’t take the amendment from Conservative MSP Russell Findlay and SNP MSP Michelle Thomson which would have prevented defendants charged with sexual crimes applying for a Gender Recognition Certificate while awaiting trial.

“The proposed legislation allows a sexual predator or rapist who has been charged but not yet convicted of a sexual offence to be able to apply for a gender recognition certificate.

“If certification is granted, this could require their victim during any subsequent court case, to refer to their attacker as ‘she’.

MIchelle Thomson

The SNP government had other ideas: amongst them we should trust sex offenders to notify police if they applied for a gender change.

Well, thanks to some diligent research from Wings, we have some numbers on just how likely prisoners who have changed gender are to be sex offenders. Numbers freely available to the SNP government, should they have chosen to look at them.

You may find this shocking.

These are the ratios of prisoners convicted of sex crimes in England and Wales in 2021:

  • 1 in 2530 men
  • 1 in 295,000 women
  • 1 in 522 transwomen

(Figures for Scotland unavailable.)

TransWomen are five times more likely than other men,
and five hundred and sixty five times more likely than women to commit sexual offences.

Women should not be locked up with transwomen – how could anyone miss that obvious fact?

AyrshireAlba calls for the immediate withdrawal of the Gender Recognition Reform Bill for further consultation and review.

Figures from the article ‘The Rorschach Test’ on Wings over Scotland.
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