Hydrogen – part of Scotland’s future?

Hydrogen can be made by passing electricity through water – an ideal use for extra electricity produced from windfarms.

Spanish companies can sign deals to sell Hydrogen as fuel – why can’t Scottish companies?

Scotland’s windfarms are regularly asked to shut down turbines because the UK doesn’t ‘need’ their power due to the crazy ‘market‘ set up by the Tories.

This article gives one example of a Spanish company making use of excess renewables capacity to generate Hydrogen and sell it to mainland Europe. There is a huge market building for Green Hydrogen as an energy source in the future, for everything from shipping to steelmaking, not to mention cars and trucks powered by fuel cells.

So, why can’t Scottish wind power be used to cut greenhouse emissions and power the industries of the future?

Because energy is reserved to Westminster, and Scotland can’t decide how her own energy resources are deployed.

Industry tends to go where the resources are. Scotland could become an industrial powerhouse for the industries of the future, from green steel production to hosting internet server farms, if we had control of our own resources.

So why is wind energy from windfarms in Scottish waters being syphoned off via a cable to the north of England?

We need Scottish Independence – now!