It all sounds so nice…

Highly Protected Marine Area – it has such a reassuring ring to it!

But it will be devastating to the Fishing Communities who’ve depended on fishing since the Clearances.

Now they feel they’re being Cleared again. Centuries of traditional skills, family history, local knowledge, centuries of living in harmony with nature, are all being piled on the pyre of Party Political manoeuvring.

The Scottish Green Party describes their attitude to HPMAs on their website:

“HPMAs are a key commitment in the Bute House Agreement between the Scottish Greens and the Scottish Government.”

In other words, the Greens are holding their withdrawal from the Bute House Agreement over the SNP, and are forcing through one of their policies with the SNP government obediently following their instructions.

The history of Green policies is not impressive: the Gender Recognition Reform Bill, the proposed Conversion Therapy ban, the Deposit Return Scheme. All need to be withdrawn or revised.

Now they are forcing through this draconian HPMA.

The issues are raised in this song, currently rising through the charts!

Here is one of the verses from the song:

Donald Francis MacNeil is my name,
I’m a fisherman through to the bone.
I have lived by the creel and the wave
To provide for a family and home.
Generations before me have followed
The toil and the call of the seas
But the soul will be torn from our future
And the heart from the Hebrides.”

Angus MacPhail, who wrote the song and is a founder member of Skipinnish.

There is a consultation, which closes on Monday 17th April, at this address:

You can’t submit your comments unless you complete some questions which quite frankly, appear to challenge whether you have a right to hold a view: