Julie Bindel’s Commentary on ‘Trans’ prisoners

Julie is a highly respected author and campaigner for Women’s Rights and Gay Rights.

Her interview on GBNews is brilliant, because she goes straight to the heart of the issues and has such depth of knowledge.

Julie Bindel

    I find people like Julie deeply impressive: they have conviction in what what they are saying and don’t water down what they say due to social pressure or ‘trends’. We should take courage from them.

    Sooner or later the truth they stand up for becomes apparent, and makes those who question the truth look foolish and short-sighted.

    Here’s Germaine Greer from 7 years ago being interviewed by Kirsty Wark. If you want a laugh, watch Germaine’s face during Kirsty’s questions…

    Germaine Newsnight

    Could someone please arrange for Nicola Sturgeon to view these? Better still, Patrick Harvie, Alex Cole-Hamilton, Anas Sarwar and their supplicant MSPs?

    The only two Scottish parties who stood out against the GRR Bill were the Tories and Alba. We must at least credit the Tories with integrity, at least on this issue – on others, not so much.