Kenny MacAskill lights up the room

With a passionate speech about Independence, fuel poverty, and foreign ownership of Scotland’s wealth.

Kenny MacAskill

Kenny’s Main Points

  • History shows that the Scottish legal establishment does not stand up for Scottish values, and the Supreme Court in London certainly does not, even with a Scottish judge.
  • We should follow legal means to gain Independence, but let’s not kid ourselves that the legal establishment stands with us.
  • The real case for Independence has to be made in the minds of Scots.
  • The Supreme Court does not get to make democratic decisions for Scots
  • Nor does a Tory government
  • A Scottish Constitutional Convention has to be called now
  • The SNP have promised one: if they won’t call it others will!
  • We have to coordinate and prepare for all in the YES movement to join together in a big march next year to show the people of Scotland say YES
  • We need to campaign on the Claim of Right
  • We need to campaign on the disgrace of fuel poverty in our country which is so energy rich
  • We have another opportunity to become a rich country like Norway did in the 1970s – they were poorer than Scotland then – now look at them!
  • It’s not just the poor areas with fuel poverty – it goes deeper than that, into the commuter belt towns as well.
  • Scotland should be taking charge of the energy from our shores.
  • Scotland should be making turbines and getting the jobs and skills from them, not just settling for a few hundred jobs but creating tens of thousands
  • The campaign for Scottish Independence has to go back to the grassroots, not be held back by those who currently control the timetable

Web link to the wind farm mentioned by Kenny – Berwick Bank.