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Depute Leader of the Alba Party
Cabinet Secretary for Justice (2007–2014)

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MacAskill slams robbery of Scotland’s energy bounty while half of Scots face fuel poverty this winter

Posted by Alba Party, October 25

Alex MacAskill

ALBA Depute Leader Kenny MacAskill will this evening (Tuesday) use a Commons Debate to slam the “robbery of Scotland’s rich energy bounty while half of all Scots households face fuel poverty this winter.”

Read Kenny’s speech

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Kenny MacAskill

Kenny calls out the scandal of pre-payment meters

This is why Scotland needs to take charge of her own energy resources: only with Independence will this be possible.

Kenny’s speech

On the steady but sure erosion of democratic accountability in the UK.

This is why we need a written constitution in an Independent Scotland.

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Conference speech on the
Great Wind Energy Giveaway

Details from Kenny’s speech –
they may leave you speechless!

The Scottish Government sold 25GW of licences for £700 million
The US Government sold only 6GW of licenses for $4.37 BILLION

That’s nearly 20 times as much per GW.

The difference?


Kenny MacAskill asking why Scotland
isn’t benefiting from wind energy.

Kenny MacAskill asks:
WHY the Lord Advocate is allowed to be both
CHIEF ADVISER to the Scottish Government and