Nicola Sturgeon Resigns

Nicola Sturgeon has resigned.

Unsurprisingly she has not done so in the most effective way she could have – to provoke a Scottish Election as a plebiscite on Independence. Her reasons, she claims, are personal.

No acknowledgement of her failures. She’s going for other reasons.

  • Not the GRR Bill
  • Not the Police investigation into party finances
  • Not the flood of members leaving the SNP
  • Not the draining away of support from MSPs
  • Not the failure to advance the case for Scottish Independence
  • Not the scandal of giving away Scotland’s wind licences
  • Not the failure of education policy
  • Not her failure to protect the most in need in Scotland’s society

The list is endless and shaming.

Not a mention in her speech of the outstanding legacy she inherited from Alex Salmond, that would have highlighted the total flat-lining of support for Independence since she succeeded him.

The campaign starts afresh for Scottish Independence. Once more it will fall to Alex Salmond to take the leadership role in arguing for Scottish Independence.

Time to join with him and us.

Time to join Alba.

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