Latest at 3:41 Wednesday 6th July

So far…

Chancellor Rishi Sunak

Health secretary Sajid Javid

Will Quince
education minister

Alex Chalk,
solicitor general

Robin Walker,
education minister

John Glen,
treasury minister

Victoria Atkins,
justice minister

Jonathan Gullis,
Northern Ireland Office

Saqib Bhatti,
Department of Health and Social Care

Nicola Richards,
Department of Transport

Virginia Crosbie,
Welsh Office

Laura Trott,
Department of Transport

Felicity Buchan,
Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Bim Afolami,
vice-chairman of the Conservative Party for youth

Andrew Murrison,
trade envoy to Morocco

Theodora Clarke,
trade envoy to Kenya

Is the realisation finally dawning on the Tories that a leopard doesn’t change its spots?

Quick reminder: the last time Scotland voted Tory was 1955.

The year that Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus and started the civil rights movement in the USA.