Schemes for Indy

A major new force has just entered Scottish Politics.

Leanne Tervit, who quit the Alba Party on a point of principle, has just launched a new movement in Scottish politics.

Schemes for Indy.

Here’s what she says.

I’ve found out in a very short time that Parties attract the wrong sort. The sort with their own agendas. The sort who are looking for power. For status. For a wage. This leaves parties open to infiltration. Open to corruption.

Schemes for Indy is the polar opposite.  Full of ordinary working class people who only have an agenda for making the lives of those around them better. Working class folk promoting independence as a means to eradicate the scourge, the suffering, the deaths, the anxiety, the inequality and the abomination of poverty.

I’d say Westminster does not fear parties. They should fear us though, the masses, the people. Because we will rise.

Leanne Tervit

We can grow into thousands of sma’ folk all doing their bit in their own areas. Folk who cannot be bought, folk who have no wish for power or status. Folk who just want better for everyone in Scotland not just those who can afford it.

Thousands cannot be infiltrated. Thousands cannot be corrupted. I’d say Westminster does not fear parties. They should fear us though, the masses, the people. Because we will rise. We will do it ourselves, for ourselves, and for awbody living a life full of struggle from the minute they’re born until they’re in their box in the ground.

The shame we feel at our situations is not ours to bear. The shame is in those who govern. Well no bloody more I say. Time we said what needs to happen. Time we called the shots and pulled the strings of those who should have known better. Those who have battered us into the ground with decades of bullshit policies devised to keep us in our shitty places and kept compliant.

Well we do not comply. We do not consent to being treated like animals and dehumanised at every opportunity.  We do not consent to being ruled by a foreign Parliament. We fight.

Its the masses who will get us there. The people in Scotland.

The Schemes for Indy. The Yes Groups.

The ordinary folk out campaigning.  Boots on the ground.

United in our common goal of Independence First and foremost.

And we, the ordinary folk, say no more to the suffering and the inequality of the Union.

We will take our independence and it will be us sma’ folk to get us there.

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