Scotland should export power, not jobs…

Jobs and industry go where the resources are. Scotland has a claimed 25% of European renewable energy resources. Westminster has set things up so that the energy from North Sea Offshore Wind will connect to the North East of England.

Levelling up in England should not impoverish Scotland.

A quick look at the map will make it obvious that the shortest and best route would have been to make landfall in Scotland – near Aberdeen.

From Wikipedia

By making the inter-connector land in England the directors of the project ensured that development and industry would centre around Blyth, not Aberdeen.

As a side-effect, the revenue will be credited to England in measures of national output such as the discredited GERS.

Why should Scots accept this theft of jobs, industry, and GDP?

Only with Independence can we have full access to our own resources and use them to develop
Scottish industry, Scottish jobs, the Scottish economy.