Should we rename the SNP?

Looking at their actions, not their words, leads us to an uncomfortable conclusion.

Today the SNP again kicked the ball of Independence further down the road, to 2026. Then Scots can vote, not for Independence, but for a mandate for another referendum. Which has already been suppressed by the Supreme Court.

Wings over Scotland puts it brilliantly in “The Endless Road”

Here’s an extract from the article:

So, if Independence is not the priority, what is?

Let’s look at the Scottish Government’s own figures for Equality Funding for 2017-21.

  • £2.5 million – Gender
  • £1.7 million – Disability
  • £0.8 million – Refugees
  • £0.6 million – Race
  • £0.3 million – Age (Including Men’s Sheds)
  • £0.2 million – Gypsys / Travellers
  • £0.2 million – Religion

No question, the absolute top priority of the SNP government is Gender. Spending on Disabilities groups comes a poor second, only worth two thirds of the spending on gender groups. The elderly? An eighth.

Strangely, I don’t remember those priorities appearing in their last manifesto.

not a single womens’ rights group has received support

If we judge the SNP by their actions not their promises, it is clear that their name doesn’t match their ambition.

Even if funding were to be cut to the likes of LGBT Youth Scotland (£325,000) or Scottish Trans Alliance (£200,000), their role as lobby groups in preparing for the passage of the Gender Recognition Reform Bill has been successful.

By contrast, not a single womens’ rights group has received support. Every group which might at first appearance seem to be supporting women has a statement about gender equality, clearly distancing itself from supporting single sex spaces.

However, as Wings makes clear in his article, there is a simple, 2-step process the SNP could choose to call a Holyrood election within weeks. It’s written into standing orders, and has been confirmed by a legal expert.

Why don’t you write to your MSPs, suggesting they support an early election? You can find their details here.

You can even select by gender…