SNP walk out when ALBA speaks up for Scotland

SNP MPs betrayed their real interests on Tuesday in Westminster.

Rather than contribute to a debate on Scotland’s renewable energy potential, the SNP left as soon as Alba’s Kenny MacAskill started speaking.

If they were interested in Scottish Independence they would have listened to the argument, contributed to the debate, and advanced the cause of Independence.

Instead they chose to continue to snub ALBA. They clearly think that is more important than Scotland’s struggle for Independence.

They weren’t there to hear Neale Hanvey expose the Tory lie that there will be jobs for Scotland from her energy riches.

They weren’t there to hear Kenny MacAskill prove that Scotland produces more cheap wind power than she needs, but exports it to England. Meanwhile Scots pay more for their electricity than the South of England, where they vote Tory.

Yet we see just how ‘settled’ the SNP are when Ian Blackford places his hand on his pal Penny Mordaunt’s shoulder in the chamber and has a cosy wee chat…

Kenny MacAskill’s speech

Read his speech.

Watch his speech
(starts at 5:41)