Stone of Destiny Dragged South

Against the will of Scots, the Stone of Destiny is being taken down to Westminster Abbey so that King Charles can have his Coronation sitting on it.

Alex Salmond

Despite a clear lack of support amongst Scots for the Coronation – or the Monarchy.

Strangely, YouGov haven’t asked Scots the question
“Do you support the Stone of Destiny being taken South?”

But I think we can guess the answer. Perhaps they can, too.

it was ransacked, pillaged, stolen, in the 1290s by Edward Plantagenet, ‘Hammer of the Scots’

Alex Salmond

What does the taking of the Stone of Scone say about the attitude of Westminster and the new King to Scotland and her right to self-determination? Respect for Scots law? Dignity?

Despite all of this, Unionist Councils are splashing out £6.5 Million on the Coronation, telling the the homeless and the starving to ‘mind their place’ and celebrate the New King.

ALBA have launched a petition for an Independent Scotland to be a Republic.

Instead of ‘celebrating’ the Coronation, why not join with ALBA and all the other parties in favour of Scottish Independence in a March for Independence.