Julie Bindel’s Commentary on ‘Trans’ prisoners

Julie is a highly respected author and campaigner for Women’s Rights and Gay Rights. Her interview on GBNews is brilliant, because she goes straight to the heart of the issues and has such depth of knowledge. I find people like Julie deeply impressive: they have conviction in what what they are saying and don’t water… Continue reading Julie Bindel’s Commentary on ‘Trans’ prisoners

Sturgeon Exposed

The Gender Recognition Reform Bill has been driven through the Scottish Parliament but at a heavy price for Nicola Sturgeon. The minor SNP rebellion solidified, and she now has a group within her parliamentary party with neither loyalty to her, nor anything to lose from further revolts. Those may be only a handful but they’ve… Continue reading Sturgeon Exposed

GRR Bill passes in Scottish Parliament

Despite strong opposition from campaigners for Women’s Rights, despite clear opinion polls against the bill, the SNP government yesterday passed the Gender Recognition Reform Bill. Amendments were ignored, the parliament worked well past midnight two nights running just to go through the motions, but the SNP and Greens were clearly determined to push this legislation… Continue reading GRR Bill passes in Scottish Parliament

Gender Recognition Reform Bill

Today the bill will be forced through. Taking a step back from the thunder and lightning of today’s debate and the protests against the bill, let’s take a look at some background. Similar legislation has been enacted in many countries, Canada and Norway spring to mind. In many instances the path to the legislation has… Continue reading Gender Recognition Reform Bill

Hard-hitting blog from ALBA’s Equalities Convener

SMALL TOWN GIRL Born in Stirling, I spent my first years in caravans in Blairlogie and Crieff then moved to Alva where our home was a house. I live there still having had Uni years in Edinburgh and a couple of months working In Dundee. My education was such that there’s an ability to communicate… Continue reading Hard-hitting blog from ALBA’s Equalities Convener

Kenny MacAskill speaks out on GRA

I’ve never been comfortable with the Scottish Government’s proposals on gender recognition. For sure, an updating of rules was required and transphobia is rightly condemned, some changes to legislation are doubtless appropriate. But self-ID has always caused me concern. Maybe it’s an age thing, or I’m just old-fashioned, but I share the concerns of many… Continue reading Kenny MacAskill speaks out on GRA