AUOB final speakers list

All Under One Banner have published their final list of speakers for the Rally on 6th May. The March starts at Kelvingrove Park at 11:30 sharp.The route gives plenty of opportunity to join the March and add your voice to the call for Scottish Independence. This is a rally for all parties, for all who… Continue reading AUOB final speakers list

Stone of Destiny Dragged South

Against the will of Scots, the Stone of Destiny is being taken down to Westminster Abbey so that King Charles can have his Coronation sitting on it. Despite a clear lack of support amongst Scots for the Coronation – or the Monarchy. Strangely, YouGov haven’t asked Scots the question “Do you support the Stone of… Continue reading Stone of Destiny Dragged South

Salmond and Sillars Speak in Arbroath

Calls on the “community of Scotland to claim leadership of the independence campaign” In a Wee ALBA Book meeting in the Meadowbank Inn Arbroath, at which he shared a platform with Jim Sillars for the first time since the Scottish Referendum of 2014, former First Minister Alex Salmond said; “For the first 60 years of… Continue reading Salmond and Sillars Speak in Arbroath

Photo ID required for Scottish Elections

In another imposition by the Tories, Scottish voters will require Photo ID to vote in Scottish elections. IN legislation put forward by the Tory government, Scottish voters will need Photo ID from May of this year to vote for By-Elections and Recall Votes , and for General Elections from October. The legislation is widely seen… Continue reading Photo ID required for Scottish Elections

Alex Salmond – this week

This past week has been momentous for Scottish politics. Hear the comments of Alex Salmond, former leader of the SNP, former First Minister of Scotland, and current leader of the Alba Party. You can see more clips from Alex along with Depute Leader Kenny MacAskill M.P. and Parliamentary Leader Neale Hanvey M.P. here …

Salmond calls for unity

In the light of Humza Yousaf’s election as the leader of the SNP, Alex Salmond has called for unity in the Independence movement. Former First Minister and Leader of the Pro-independence ALBA Party, Alex Salmond, has said that Humza Yousaf must set out a “credible plan to deliver independence” within the life of the current… Continue reading Salmond calls for unity