The House Has Burned Down

A withering blog by Kenny MacAskill on the fall from
grace of Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell.

It’s only been a few weeks since I wrote that the House of Sturgeon was burning down. But it’s the Polis and not the Fire Brigade who turned up. Suggestions that it had nothing to do with her resignation are risible. Many knew and only the timing was unknown.

Irrespective of what happens with Peter Murrell, her reputation will not survive this and rightly so. She’s hung on her own petard. The Snow Queen upon whom not a fleck of dirt could be allowed, will be shown to be far from squeaky clean.

This wasn’t done by a big boy who ran away but a cabal around her. 

Kenny MacAskill

Many of us who left her New SNP did so not just on a policy basis but our concerns over internal democracy. 

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