An alternative copy of Iain Lawson’s blog originally posted here.

Recent times have seen a number of bloggers leave the scene or at the very least cutback substantially on their number of posts. One of the main reasons for this is the impact of social media restrictions in the form of ALGORITHMS now being applied by the social media companies, particularly Twitter (X) that can be used to control the numbers reading political posts. Now bloggers, particularly those who raise money from the blogs, are usually pretty secretive about their true numbers ( Wings excluded). In this I am pretty unusual as I think readers knowing what is happening is very important.. I seek no financial income from my blog, only a few hundred pounds each year to cover my hosting and software costs, all other revenue raised is donated to Salvo/Liberation.

I am in my 71st year and have been an Independence supporter since 1985. I see my blog as the best contribution to our cause I can make given that I have some medical reasons why physical efforts are no longer the option they once were.

My blog is my main hobby that allows me to contribute and maintain the interest and involvement in our Movement for now approaching forty years. I have no fear telling readers how my blog is going because YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS. So here are the verifiable numbers

My Blog numbers

2021 500 email subscribers, 1000 twitter followers, 2700 Facebook.  No of views 1.2 million. Number of unique visitors 407,000

2022 1200 email subscribers 3500 twitter followers, 3000 Facebook No of views 750,000. Number of unique visitors 215,000

2023 2700 email subscribers, 8200 twitter followers, 3000 Facebook No of views 510,000. Number of unique visitors 160,000


Email subscribers UP 5.4 times over the 3 years

Twitter followers up 8.2 times over the 3 years

Facebook capped off at 3k after the 3 years ( intentionally by me)..


No of views DOWN BY 57.5% over these three years.

No of unique visitors DOWN BY 60% over these three years

Facebook numbers have fell off a cliff as well, 150,000 in 2021, 75000 in 2022, 57,000 in 2023. So it is down by over 60% as well.

A very interesting factor in this is foreign readers as my blog goes all over the world. The USA has the most foreign readers in each of the three years, but there is no 60% drop in readers there 12,000 in 2021, and over 10,000 in both 2022 and 2023. Readership has been steady there while in the UK, OVERWHELMINGLY IN SCOTLAND, AN ALMOST 60% fall has been recorded. Clearly the factors responsible for this fall in Scotland are not being applied abroad. Why only in Scotland?


IF any article is non political it is pretty much guaranteed to attract many more views than a normal political one.

If any article highlights colonial control of Scotland the screws really go on and the article will attract less than half the views of a normal post. I publish and will continue to publish a lot of anti colonial articles. Readers regularly contact me reporting the share option has disappeared with some of these articles.

Make no mistake I run a dangerous blog. A blog that has attracted the attention of those whose purpose is to suppress Independence for our country. It is not just me, I am sure the majority, if not all pro Indy blogs, are facing the same problem.

Now they get away with it because bloggers don’t like to report dropping numbers, so the public are largely unaware this is going on. Look at the numbers, look at the huge rise in both direct subscribers and Twitter followers, up by more than five times and eight times respectively. Yet that has resulted in an almost 60% drop in views. That is impossible without serious interference.

Why can I write that? Well ALL my growth comes by organic means. I don’t pay or advertise for new readers but those big increases demonstrate conclusively that my content is very popular…with those that get the opportunity to read it. So popular that they want to sign up for an email subscription or follow me on Twitter for more. So these very substantial increases in subscribers and followers indicate positive proof of the interest in what is being written, so any defence that people have lost interest, made by those doing the interfering, does not stand up to the slightest scrutiny.

I have no idea what measures Twitter and Facebook will take against Yours for Scotland for making public this article. Whatever happens I will get the message of that to you one way or the other.

I just want them to be honest so I know who to blame. Is it Twitter themselves or is it, as Elon Musk hinted recently, pressure being applied on them to comply with the shadowy state apparatus in some countries? I am confident if it is the latter, severe restrictions on the pro Indy blogger community would be at the very top of the UK PRIORITY LIST. Also please note this has been going on for the last few years, not just since Elon Musk bought Twitter.

So what can you do to help? Well if you are lucky enough to see a pro Indy blog article, like it and even more important SHARE it. If enough people do that it will signal to those responsible that we are not tolerating this and are fighting back. I share articles and posts by other Indy bloggers all the time.

We do not get a fair crack in the Unionist, foreign owned media in Scotland so social media is crucial. Unionists know this and it is exactly why these measures against pro Indy writers are being applied. They plan to shutdown these last channels to the public that are available. Don’t let them, support the bloggers and Salvo/ Liberation that are being completely blanked by the MSM in Scotland. Even more than Alba if you can believe that!

This of course is a big issue for Independence supporters but it is an even bigger issue for those of us who also believe in Freedom of Speech. We are supposed to live in a democracy but without Freedom of Speech that democratic environment is being strangled in front of our eyes. Craig Murray has a huge following but I noticed several posts from him last week highlighting the interference his blog is also experiencing.

We are living in a country where our justice system has been used as a political weapon, where the Scottish Government are regularly choosing paths in direct opposition to the public will, and where Westminster is becoming much more aggressive in inflicting further colonial pressures on our society. Freeport’s and the loss of our sole refinery would be good examples of this.

We must be aware of all this hence why I have been so honest and upfront about what my blog is experiencing under their heel. I will not be going away! I hope you won’t either!

Share this article the public must know about the stealth like tactics against Indy and Freedom of Speech. We need both these measures if we want to finally live in a country realising it’s full potential.

So you can now add social media freedom to the list of oppressions currently in place in colonial Scotland at the moment. If you notice interference on Yours for Scotland posts please let me know and ALWAYS complain to the social media company.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.


Unfortunately there are some sites where extensive blocking takes place against bloggers who do not slavishly follow the dictates of one political party. This is a direct threat to freedom of speech and I unhesitatingly condemn such action. To overcome this problem I rely on my readers to share Yours for Scotland articles as widely as possible. My thanks to those who help overcome censorship.


The most reliable way to get articles from this site is by taking out a free subscription which are available on the Home and Blog pages of the Yours for Scotland website. Given that I often seem to face other problems with both Twitter and Facebook this guarantees that my content is freely available.


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An alternative copy of Iain Lawson’s blog originally posted here.