A summary of Iain Lawson’s blog on
social media and freedom of speech.

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Recent times have seen a number of bloggers leave the scene or at the very least cutback substantially on their number of posts. One of the main reasons for this is the impact of social media restrictions in the form of ALGORITHMS now being applied by the social media companies, particularly Twitter (X) that can be used to control the numbers reading political posts.



  • 500 email subscribers,
  • 1000 twitter followers,
  • 2700 Facebook.  
  • No of views 1.2 million.
  • Number of unique visitors 407,000


  • 1200 email subscribers
  • 3500 twitter followers,
  • 3000 Facebook
  • No of views 750,000.
  • Number of unique visitors 215,000


  • 2700 email subscribers,
  • 8200 twitter followers,
  • 3000 Facebook
  • No of views 510,000.
  • Number of unique visitors 160,000


  • Email subscribers UP 5.4 times over the 3 years
  • Twitter followers up 8.2 times over the 3 years
  • Facebook capped off at 3k after the 3 years ( intentionally by me).


  • No of views DOWN BY 57.5% over these three years.
  • No of unique visitors DOWN BY 60% over these three years
  • Facebook numbers have fell off a cliff as well,
    -> 150,000 in 2021,
    -> 75000 in 2022,
    -> 57,000 in 2023.
    -> Down by over 60% as well.

A very interesting factor in this is foreign readers, as my blog goes all over the world. The USA has had the most foreign readers in each of the three years, but there is no 60% drop in readers there:

  • -> 12,000 in 2021
    -> 10,000 in 2022
    -> 10,000 in2023.

Readership has been steady in the USA while in the UK, OVERWHELMINGLY IN SCOTLAND, AN ALMOST 60% fall has been recorded. Clearly the factors responsible for this fall in Scotland are not being applied abroad. Why only in Scotland?


IF any article is non political it is pretty much guaranteed to attract many more views than a normal political one.

If any article highlights colonial control of Scotland the screws really go on and the article will attract less than half the views of a normal post. I publish and will continue to publish a lot of anti colonial articles. Readers regularly contact me reporting the share option has disappeared with some of these articles.

Make no mistake I run a dangerous blog. A blog that has attracted the attention of those whose purpose is to suppress Independence for our country. It is not just me, I am sure the majority, if not all pro Indy blogs, are facing the same problem.

We do not get a fair crack in the Unionist, foreign owned media in Scotland so social media is crucial. Unionists know this and it is exactly why these measures against pro Indy writers are being applied. They plan to shutdown these last channels to the public that are available. Don’t let them, support the bloggers and Salvo/ Liberation that are being completely blanked by the MSM in Scotland. Even more than Alba if you can believe that!

So you can now add social media freedom to the list of oppressions currently in place in colonial Scotland at the moment. If you notice interference on Yours for Scotland posts please let me know and ALWAYS complain to the social media company.

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